Audrey Christie Limited, Mespil House, Sussex Rd., Dublin 4

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Leading Irish Private Detectives & Investigators

Audrey Christie Limited is a highly reputable & well established private detective agency based in Dublin 4. We provide professional private investigation services in Ireland with over 25 years investigative experience. We specialise in Surveillance, Business & Trace Investigations. Are you looking for evidence, confirmation, information or peace of mind? Let us help. Discretion & Confidentiality assured.

Private Investigator Services

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Marital Affair or Cheating Partner

Most people will contact a Private Investigator if they are concerned that their partner may be cheating. They have often confided in a close friend who encourages them to do something about it.

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Maintenance & Cohabiting

Do you need evidence that your ex partner is working at present? Do you require proof that your ex partner is cohabiting? Find out more about our Legal Services.

business services

Business Services

Do you need to verify an employee injury or illness related compensation claim? Are you concerned that an employee may be providing services elsewhere? Are false claims affecting your business?

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Surveillance & Monitoring

As leading Irish Private Investigators we offer a wide range of surveillance and investigation services. Are you looking for photographic evidence?

Audrey Christie Limited, Mespil Business Centre, Mespil House, Sussex Road, Dublin 4, Ireland |
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Licensed by The Private Security Authority in Ireland |
Member of The World Association of Professional Investigators WAPI |
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