About Audrey Christie


About Audrey Christie

One of the first female Private Detectives I have been operating as a Professional Investigator in Ireland for over 25 years and have gained extensive experience in the areas of marital and trace investigations.  

My experience in people tracing began with a leading Irish credit finance bank. Finding people who had absconded or had moved address involved a lot of research and looking for leads. Thriving under pressure while working to tight deadlines I later came to specialise in tracing lost relatives & missing persons.

An introduction to matrimonial work came through the legal profession. With a determination to go to great lengths to get the evidence my clients needed I quickly gained a reputation for investigating marital affairs. I was often present as a witness in the family law courts as a result.


I witnessed people get stronger as the truth about the affair came to light. Getting confirmation from the Private Investigator was often met with relief following months or years of self questioning and self doubt. 


Today my business comprises a dedicated team of professional Investigators. The level of results achieved and the service provided is of a high standard. The people who hire us span a wide diversity of socio economic backgrounds and cultures.

Having the ability to read people and situations is a useful trait in the specialist area of Surveillance and where evidence is required to help resolve a domestic or a business dispute.

An analytical Private Detective asking the right questions is an important factor in determining the outcome of any investigation. This is particularly relevant in tracing and locating a lost relative or a missing person.

With over 25 years experience I know my subject and I know what I am talking about. I give out advice freely and take on new enquiries where hiring Private Investigators is justified and is the best course of action to take. 

Background & Qualifications:
Studied Private Investigation and the Law - The Institute of Irish Investigators
President - European Federation of Professional Investigators in Ireland - 1998-2000
Member of The World Association of Professional Investigators WAPI
Holds a Full Private Investigators Licence with the Private Security Authority in Ireland

Provides Professional Investigation Services at a Local, National & International level


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