10 Useful Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator


10 useful tips when hiring a private investigator

It is important when hiring Private Investigators that you make a well informed decision. Here are some useful tips to help you;

Best tip when hiring a Private Investigator?
The best tip is to talk to a Private Investigator. You will get immediate feedback & advice about your situation. Most people get relief and or reassurance as a result. The Private Investigators will also confirm if they can help you and give you a quotation if required. 

How long are the Private Investigators in business?

It is particularly relevant as to the number of years that a private investigation company is in business as this provides a sense of security for a client as to the level and extent of knowledge and experience gained by that company. 

Can I use the evidence? Is the report legal & binding?

You have a problem, you want a solution. The clients need to know that the results including the proof, evidence or information one receives is above all legal and binding. We as experienced and competent private investigators will provide a report at the conclusion of the investigation which is available to be passed on to a solicitor as required.

The Private Investigators will assure you of 100% confidentiality.

People need reassurance that their information is safe and secure. The Private Investigators will be fully compliant with the Data Protection acts in Ireland. We enjoy an excellent reputation and are fully aware of all aspects of the laws in Ireland in relation to private investigation having previously studied Private Investigation and the Law prior to setting up in business. 

Is the Private Detective professional and a specialist in the area you wish to investigate?

The professional nature of the private detectives will be evident not just through the website but by communication with the person themself who is providing the private investigation service. A specialist Private Detective will provide a sense of security to a potential client based on their knowledge and experience and will also show insights into the subject of the enquiry.

Are the Private Investigators reputable, and open in their approach?

The professional Private Investigator today enjoys a good reputation in their own industry and amongst their clients evidenced by business referrals. The private investigators will be open and businesslike in their approach by being informative and helpful. A person making an enquiry will instinctively know when they are talking to an experienced professional.  

What does a Private Investigator cost? What are the fees?

A private investigator will outline the cost and fees in full at the outset with openness and transparency ensuring the client that there are no hidden extra costs involved. The fee quoted will be inclusive of all expenses.

Do the Private Detectives operate on an International level?

Where a case extends to countries outside of Ireland it is important that the Private Detectives have prior experience of dealing with International enquiries. Enquire as to further information with the relevant private investigator. 

Are the Private Investigators licensed and adhere to the law in Ireland?

We, the private investigators, are now fully licensed by The Private Security Authority in Ireland (the PSA) and are fully compliant with and adhere to the laws in Ireland.  

Can I arrange a consultation and or meeting with the Private Detectives?

We, the private detectives, are available to meet with you to have a consultation. This will be on a fee only basis and arranged at our own discretion. Please enquire with us further.

We are available to attend meetings with a client where a case is going ahead and location permitting. Please enquire with us further.  

Do you have any questions or concerns?
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