Private Investigator: Cheating. Quick Test. Are you being paranoid?


The Quick Test consists of 10 Questions
which are specifically geared towards men and women who suspect their partner may be cheating. The test is compiled by a Private Investigator with extensive experience and insight into the most common signs of a cheating partner. Answer the following 10 Questions as honestly as you can. Try not to skip any of the questions. Affirm with a Yes or No answer and keep your own score.


Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Yes / No
Have you started to check up on your partner? Yes / No
Do you notice a change in your partner's attitude toward you? Yes / No
Do you check your partner's mobile phone for clues? Yes / No
Do you tell yourself you are just being paranoid? Yes / No
Are you more needy of your partner recently? Yes / No
Do you monitor your partner's facial expressions for signs that will confirm your suspicions? Yes / No
Is your mind constantly racing with thoughts of what if's and what not's in relation to your partner? Yes / No
Have you become so focused on your partner that you have lost all interest in your own life? Yes / No
Is your gut instinct telling you something is wrong in your relationship? Yes / No

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The Quick Test Results are rated from a Fair to Most likely possibility-that your partner is cheating. 

If you have answered 'Yes' to 4 Questions -  Fair possibility

If you have answered 'Yes' to 6 Questions -  More likely than not possibility

If you have answered 'Yes' to 8 Questions -  Good possibility 

If you have answered 'Yes' to 10 Questions - Most likely possibility 

You have completed the Quick Test.

Worried about your result? This test is not conclusive, it is meant as a guideline only. Talk to an experienced Private Investigator. Call Audrey Christie, Private Investigators, in confidence.

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