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  • Do you need evidence that your ex partner is working at present?
  • Has a spouse ceased making maintenance or child support payments?
  • Do you need your child monitored during access hours?
  • Are you looking for your ex partner's present residing address?
  • Do you need to prove that your ex partner is cohabiting?


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As leading Private Investigators in Ireland we provide legal services to clients and have been investigating maintenance cases for over 25 years with extensive experience in this specialised area of private investigation and including family law matters. 

We, the private investigators, have experience of, and are aware of, the fact that an ex spouse or an ex partner may cease making maintenance or child support payments without giving any notice or prior warning to their spouse or partner. They may claim that they are not working at present or that they are only employed on a part-time basis. There may be indications or suspicions to suggest that they are in fact working either on a full time or on a part time basis.

As experienced Private Investigators we will carry out a surveillance operation with a view to obtaining evidence including digital photography showing that the subject is actively working at that time. We know that having conclusive evidence of working activity in the form of a legal report and photographs can be invaluable in providing new information for court purposes.


Child Access/Supervision

In relation to child supervision a Private Investigator may be hired to monitor events that occur during access hours. This can happen where there is concern that the child is not being properly supervised or that they are being left in the company of persons not previously allocated by the courts.



In order to prove that an ex spouse is cohabiting the Private Investigators will carry out surveillance at an allocated address. A case for cohabiting is proven where the subject who is involved in an intimate relationship with a third party is living with that person at the same address over a minimum of five days a week.


Reduction of Maintenance

Evidence of cohabiting is also a good case for the reduction of maintenance. The Private Investigator will provide evidence that the person making the claim for maintenance is cohabiting with another party.


Legal Services & Reports

As part of our comprehensive maintenance and cohabiting services we also provide legal services to our clients. The evidence we provide to our clients is regularly used in the family law courts and we enjoy an excellent reputation in this area of private investigation.

A fully comprehensive and legal report is provided at the conclusion of an investigation which can be passed on to a solicitor as required.

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