Marital Affair or Cheating Partner

marital affair or cheating partner


Marital Affair or Cheating Partner

Most people will contact a Private Investigator if they are concerned that their partner may be cheating or involved with someone else. They have often confided in a close friend or family member who encourages them to do something about it.

Others no longer wish to live with the uncertainty or not knowing, the day to day fear and niggling doubt that something is wrong in the relationship.

Some people have been living with their fears and doubts for a long period of time i.e. years. They have been through the bargaining with themselves stage, trying to convince themselves that it is all in their mind or that they are just being paranoid.

Others have found texts of an intimate nature on their partner's mobile phone or have discovered a pattern of calls made to an unfamiliar number.

At this stage he or she is usually spending more time out of the family home or even suggesting they take a break (needs space for no particular reason). Often people will have confronted their partner with their suspicions only to be met with a blank wall of denial and anger leaving them feeling more confused than ever.

The partner who is confronted will often convincingly deny they are cheating or claim the third party is only a friend.

Most of the affairs we have investigated have started in the workplace. This is the most common way for people to meet others apart from those who go online to connect with friends on social media and on popular mobile messaging apps.

Most Common Signs of a Cheating Partner;

  • A lack of closeness or an avoidance of intimacy
  • A recent change in mood or acting guilty and out of character
  • Keeps the mobile phone close to them at all times
  • Discovering a text of an intimate nature on a partner's mobile phone
  • Texting and receiving messages more frequently and late at night
  • Will spend more time out of the family home

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