Online Cheating

Online Cheating

An increasing number of men and women who are in a previously committed relationship are cheating online. The Internet has proven to be an easier and more accessible way for people to meet and connect with others than in real life.

Popular mobile messaging apps, dating sites, social media and instant messaging provide an opportunity for people to develop new friendships outside of their main relationship, and often without their partner being aware of it. A flirtation can gradually develop between two parties without either one having to disclose their real identity or true relationship status. 

Many believe that cheating online is not really cheating because they don't actually physically meet up with the person. However, people who flirt online are forming an intimate connection and an emotional bond with another person other than their spouse or partner.

A partner will often go to great lengths to avoid being discovered including purchasing a second mobile phone. Online cheating has proven to be as equally harmful and as having the same impact on a marriage or committed relationship as a real life affair.

What often begins as an online flirtation regularly develops into a more serious relationship as it progresses from daily chat and messaging into real life contact.

Most Common Signs of Online Cheating;

  • Spends excessive time on computer including laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Goes online while partner is sleeping
  • Keeps the mobile phone close to them at all times
  • Discovering a text of an intimate nature on a partner's mobile phone
  • A recent change in mood or acting suspiciously and out of character

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