Trace Lost Relatives

  • Has a family member gone missing or is out of contact recently?
  • Are you searching for a lost relative living in Ireland?
  • Are you looking for a relative who may be living in the UK ?
  • Have you lost touch with an old friend?

Trace Lost Relatives

Searching for a lost relative can be both time consuming and frustrating. Many people initially begin their search online availing of the various Find a Person websites. These searches regularly end in disappointment due to results which prove to be out of date, misleading or are not relevant to the person being traced.

As leading Private Investigators in Ireland we provide a reputable Local, National and International tracing service with over 25 years experience. Specialising in tracing and finding lost relatives we can locate people in difficult circumstances and with a minimal amount of information. We obtain results where previous searches have proven unsuccessful.

Missing Persons

It is not unusual for a person to disappear or go missing with the intention of avoiding being found. This can happen as a result of a family dispute, an addiction issue, or for other undisclosed reasons only known to the person who has gone missing.

Dealing with a missing persons investigation requires sensitivity, insight and many years experience on behalf of the Private Detective or team of Private Investigators involved. The initial interview with the family member or relative of the missing person is paramount in determining the nature and course of the investigation.

Audrey Christie has been handling missing person investigations for over 25 years, and has extensive experience in this specialised area.

For more information about our tracing services, call Audrey Christie, Private Investigators, in confidence.  (Private Investigator Dublin, Private Investigator Ireland)

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