Frequently Asked Questions about Private Investigation

Is the call confidential?
A. Yes. Your call is 100% private & confidential.

Telephone Call or Email?

A. You will get immediate feedback and advice about your situation during a telephone enquiry. Most people get reassurance and/or relief as a result. The Private Investigator will also confirm if they can help you. Email may be used to initiate contact with us. 

Please note that we do not provide business quotations by email. 

How does your company operate?

A. We are a team of skilled and conscientious Investigators with over 25 years experience. We provide a professional and high quality private investigation service to the general public. Audrey Christie is a fully licensed Private Investigator.

Which parts of Ireland do you service?

A. We provide professional investigation services throughout Ireland.

I never hired a Private Investigator before? How do I go about it? How do I start the conversation?

A. Start by saying ''Hi, my name is ........ ''.  We will take over the conversation at that stage.

Can I use the evidence? Is the report legal?

‘You have a problem, you want a solution’. You need to know that the proof, evidence or information you obtain is legal and binding. The report will be available to be passed on to a solicitor if required.

What does a Private Investigator cost? What are your fees?
A. Cost is an important factor when hiring Private Investigators. Cost and fees will be outlined in full at the telephone enquiry stage. The fee quoted is inclusive of all expenses.

We deliver our services with transparency. We ensure that clients have a clear understanding of costs from the outset. Our fees will reflect the time, value, expertise and service we provide.

I am searching for a lost relative living in Ireland?

A. We carry out trace enquiries throughout Ireland and have extensive experience in this specialised area.

We are trying to find information about a family member who may have left Ireland to live in the UK or abroad?

A. We carry out trace enquiries in the UK and Internationally, with over 25 years experience in searching and finding missing persons and lost relatives.

We have suspicions about a co-worker and would like to have them monitored?

We suspect an employee is providing services for a competitor?

A. Surveillance provides evidence and confirms facts related to the daily working activities of a subject. The report is legal and binding and is available to be passed on to a solicitor if required.

I found a text on my husband’s phone? I need to know if there's more than texting going on?

My wife deletes her text messages. I think she may be cheating?

My husband is travelling to Dublin on business next week. I would like to know who he meets up with?

A. Surveillance is the most effective way to confirm or disprove your suspicions. As surveillance specialists we have over 25 years experience in close observation and monitoring. A professional report and photographs are available at the conclusion of an investigation.

I confronted my partner and they deny cheating ?

A. Most people will convincingly deny they are cheating unless confronted with evidence obtained from professional Private Investigators.

What is Surveillance?

A. By surveillance we mean to follow, watch or observe a person closely. The objective is to provide insights and confirm facts related to a subject's daily activities. We use the latest digital technology and supply photographic evidence.

My partner is very clever. They would know if they were being followed ?

A.  Experienced Private Investigators will carry out surveillance undetected.

I just want the information for myself. I don't want to do anything with it?

A. The information is for you and for your peace of mind. See article: Private Investigator: 2014. Cheating Partner Advice. 5 Do's & Don'ts.

I suspect that my ex husband is working at present. I need evidence for my solicitor?

My ex spouse claims she is only working part-time. Can you supply evidence that she is working full time?

A. Carrying out surveillance on a subject will confirm whether or not they are working and in which capacity. A professional report and photographs are available to be passed on to a solicitor. The Private Investigators may attend court to give evidence.



Why Use Our Services?

  • Irish Owned & Operated
  • Expert Advice & Support by Phone & Email
  • Peace of Mind
  • Surveillance & Tracing Specialists
  • A Quality Service
  • Qualified & Licensed Private Investigators
  • 25+ Years Experience



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